KL fireball squirrel

Vabila na prireditve




You are inviting you to the FINALS ŠKL Fireball Europe .


The best teams from Germany, Austria, Italy , Slovenia and Hungary will compete and try to win the turnament.

Teams will play favorite kids game called ŠKL Fireball Europe , which is known in different countries under different names , such as Volkarball , Dodgeball, Partizan , Palla prigionera ...


We expect over 400 players who will visit Kranj for one day and try to get the title of champion ŠKL Fireball Europe in two age categories .


We invite you to indulge in memories of your youth , and visit the Municipality of Kranj which, will hoste the competition.


Location: Sports Hall Planina , Kranj ( Cesta Tončka Dežman 1 , 4000 Kranj )


Time: 10th of May from 10:00 to 15:00



The schedule and participating teams will be announced shortly on ;



We will be honored if you will join us as well.


We ask for your confirmation of the visit to ( e-mail : skl@skl.si  or over the phone to Kiti Korošec Cirman;+ 386 (0)51 863 400; coordinator of the project )




Team ŠKL Fireball Europe